eCE Payment Gateway
Sarasota, FL - December 8, 2011, a leading edge payment technology provider for both merchants and merchant service providers, is pleased to announce their new eCE ™ Payment Gateway, an ecommerce gateway for both online or mail order / phone order merchants.
Their proprietary risk management system provides a sophisticated suite of fraud detection and prevention options. Each transaction submitted can be filtered through a comprehensive series of fraud detection rules to determine potential risk. Configuration of these rules is set using their user-friendly administration console.
Main Features Include:
  • Credit and Debit Card Processing
  • Electronic Check Processing
  • Automated Recurring Billing
  • Fraud and Risk Management Suite
  • Premium Content Membership Billing Module
  • Mobile Payment Processing on iPhone
  • Meets all PCI Compliance Standards

"Our ecommerce gateway offers a safe and secure ecommerce payment gateway that consolidates all electronic payment systems into one simple transaction processing platform. Merchants can process electronic payments in real time easily, safely and in virtually any manner or method." says Gino Kauzlarich, co-founder and owner of
"Save Time and Money by consolidating virtually every electronic transaction type and method into one easy to use platform. From all major credit and debit cards to all ACH/Check protocols." said Kauzlarich.
Uses Tokenization for Secure Transactions
Tokenization is a best practice technology that replaces sensitive financial account information in an ACH transaction or credit and debit card information in a card-based transaction with a random character string, or token. The technology is used to prevent the theft of credit card or bank account data while in transmission or storage.
Main Features Include:
  • Reduces the chance of credit card or financial account theft
  • Reduces cost of PCI-DSS Compliance
  • Allows safe scheduling and processing of future-dated and recurring transactions

About eCash Experts:
Established in 1995 by founders Gino and Julie Kauzlarich, is a leading provider of today's most innovative and cutting-edge electronic payment technologies. Offering customers competitively priced solutions that are developed using some of the most advanced and reliable tools available on the market today! Ensuring reliability, efficiency and compatibility.